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Cellular Concrete Applications

Foundation Specialist injecting cellular concrete in St. Charles

Self-leveling fill for underground voids.

Cellular concrete can do just about everything that regular concrete can, and much more, too. Even since cellular concrete was invented in the 1920s, builders, architects and engineers have been discovering new applications for the material.

Before we get to these, it's important to point out that cellular concrete goes by a number of different names, including aerated concrete, lightweight insulating concrete, foamed concrete, air-entrained concrete and aerated autoclaved concrete.

All of these different names refer to the fact that cellular concrete is full of tiny air bubbles or cells that are created by adding a foaming agent to the concrete as the material is mixed.

This even distribution of minute air bubbles results in a masonry material that's light but strong, with much greater insulating value than conventional concrete. These qualities enable contractors to use cellular concrete in a wide variety of applications. Some of these are explained below.

StableFILL Application

Annular grout for tunnels, water and sewer lines.

StableFILL Application

Ground improvement for building structures.

StableFILL Application

Bridge approach and landslip repair fills.

Cellular concrete flooring. Thanks to its light weight and self-leveling qualities, cellular concrete can be used to create a smooth, uniform and level surface that's an excellent base for finished flooring. For flooring applications, cellular concrete can be applied in a thin layer over a wood, steel or masonry substrate. It can also be used to form precast stairs, concrete balconies and appliance platforms.

Floor repairs. When a floor surface is rough, irregular or worn, a thin application of cellular concrete can be a very cost-effective repair technique. The cellular concrete will flow into cracks and depressions and create a new finished surface that's flat, level and long wearing.

Roofing. Cellular concrete can be poured over a flat roof to form a seamless layer that insulates the roof while also improving its resistance to shear forces.

Load-reducing backfill. Instead of backfilling retaining walls or foundation walls with native soil that may impose excessive loading, it's possible to backfill with permeable, lightweight cellular concrete. Such treatment ensures improved drainage and more manageable loading against foundation and retaining walls.

Tunnel backfill. Cellular concrete is often pumped into air pockets or voids between a tunnel wall and excavated soil or rock. In this application, cellular concrete provides valuable shock-absorbing value while also protecting the tunnel from water intrusion.

Abandonment fills. Old, abandoned mines and newly formed sinkholes often pose safety hazards. By pumping cellular concrete into these voids, the safety problem is eliminated.

Preconstruction soil treatment. Pumping cellular concrete into soil that has stability or load-bearing limitations can improve soil characteristics in significant ways.

Annular space grouting. Cellular concrete can be pumped into the space between the outside of a well casing and the bore hole, to help protect well water from outside contamination. Such treatment also strengthens the well casing.

Underwater placement. Cellular concrete can be useful in a variety of underwater applications. Its ability to displace water and cure underwater enables contractors to encapsulate timber piles or retaining walls that are being attacked by marine borers, shipworms or other organisms. It can also be used to fill underwater voids.

Roadway rehabilitation. When a road or runway develops problems do to high traffic, heavy loads or poor soil conditions, cellular concrete can often be used to restore the roadway to solid, usable condition. Cellular concrete can be used as a permeable fill material when a road bed has subsided.

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