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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Missouri Botanical Garden -Trelease House

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by Dave Thompson


Rotating wall of the structure due to the shifting and settling of the foundation.  Weight of the structure was taken into account.  City utilities nearby made the work a little slower than other installations.


A lot of pre-planning helped avoid any problems with the city utilities nearby.  Our workers focused and did their work with specific care, just like other jobs.  The Foundation SupportWorks® push pier system handled the structures' weight easily.  Per the engireering specs we did alternating pier placement under the foundation wall inside then outside and again inside them outside.  This was input we made to the engineer to help alleviate their concern of over correcting for the rotating wall of the structure.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Tim Warchol

Foreman: Chris Blickenstaff

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