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Foundation Supportworks by Woods Case Studies: PolyLevel™ Concrete Lifting on Highway

Monday, June 5th, 2017 by Jordan Link


Uneven pavement plagued westbound I-64 at Rte. 158 near Scott Air Force Base. What seemed to be an inconvenience for cars and loaded semi trucks, proved to be more dangerous for trailered vehicles. Trailers could be seen leaving the pavement after running over depressions as deep as three inches. Asphalt was put in the depressions as a temporary fix, though the asphalt would run off the pavement after vehicles drove over, hardly preventing any problems.

A proposed solution was to remove and repave that section of the interstate, which would not only be costly, but also creating an inconvenience for motorsts for a week or more. Woods Basement Systems, Inc. had a much cheaper (practically 1/10 the cost) and less time-consuming (taking only one day) solution: PolyLevel™ concrete levelling.


The Illinois Department of Transportation teamed up with Woods Basement Systems, Inc. and the Traffic Control Corp. to complete the project on June 2, 2016. The exits and project site on westbound I-64 were expected to be closed from 7am to 6pm. Woods completed the job in only four and a half hours, cleaning up its equipment and fully opening the interstate to motorists soon after 12pm.

PolyLevel™ Installation Process: After closing off the area, the team got to work drilling holes 5/8" in diameter in the pavement for the foam to be inserted. In each drilled hole, injector ports were inserted. The foam was then inserted through the ports, expanding upon insertion, raising the pavement immediately. The team used the polyeurothane foam to raise the pavement to a level position, raising the concrete three inches in some areas and eliminating the depressions in the pavement. The foam, upon insertion, helped to compact the soil and stablize the sub-soil, providing a more permanent fix. The ports were removed, the holes were cleaned, and then patched with concrete, making the drilled areas hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

Motorists will certainly notice a difference driving west on I-64 near Exit 19. With the pavement levelled, drivers can enjoy a smoother ride through that area. 

Project Summary

Primary Foreman: Chris Blickenstaff

Sales Representative: Paul Brower

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