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Foundation Supportworks by Woods Case Studies: Push Piers Fix Saint Louis, MO Foundation

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 by Stacie Ellis


This homeowner was having problems with his block foundation.  The foundation settlement caused stair-step cracks to appear in the foundation and exterior brick walls of the home, and the windows began coming out of their frames.  The homeowner wanted to solve the problem before it got worse and the foundation was no longer able to support the home. 


Woods Basement Systems installed Push Piers around the outside perimeter of the home to fix the homeowner’s foundation settlement issue.  First, the soil was removed in the area where the piers would be installed.  A steel bracket is then installed below and against the foundation’s footing.  The Push Piers are then hydraulically driven through the bracket and deep into the stable soil.  This provides an opportunity for the home to be lifted back toward its original position.  After the installation of the Push Piers, the cracks in the walls closed up and the windows were brought back into their frames, resulting in a strong foundation for the home once again.

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