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Foundation Supportworks by Woods Case Studies: Stabilizing Millbrook Parking Garage - Washington University - St. Louis, MO

Monday, June 5th, 2017 by Tim Warchol


Parking Garage Façade Separating & Bricks Pulling Apart

The Millbrook garage is a parking garage located on the campus of Washington University.  The garage was built approximately 5 years ago, then, a decorative façade was added.  The façade was made up of concrete columns with brick and stone fascia.  One of the columns of the structure was constructed close to a maintenance building, and it was suspected the column footing pad had been placed in the backfill of the maintenance building.  The column had settled approximately 4” over the last few years.  The university hired an engineering firm to assess the problem and design an adequate repair.


Install 4 FSI Steel Piers to Lift Column Back to Level

Individual pot holes were excavated around the column for the pier installation.  The additional soil load was needed to resist premature lift during the driving process.  The piers were installed to depths of approximately 22 feet.  Once the piers were installed, the excavation was completed around the perimeter of the column.  After the excavation was completed, the piers were connected in series to complete the lifting process.  The column was raised to close the gap between the brick and stone to within ¾”, as directed by the structural engineer.  Then the general contractor filled the gap to match the rest of the structure.

Project Summary

Structural Engineer: Jason Richards

System Design Specialist: Tim Warchol

Project Foreman: Chris Blickenstaff

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